Saturday 27 August 2016

You'll learn exactly what to do to start making money from home and invest your income to create a lifetime of wealth

Even if you have zero experience and limited funds

PLUS: I'll give you:

- Six Principles to Build a Home Business Empire
- Your Critical Guide to Building a Lifetime of Wealth

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own home business but don’t know where to start… let me give you my best ideas on making money from home.
I’ve gathered them into a special “Home Business Master Class” designed to give you the encouragement and knowledge to get started making money now.
I’ll show you everything you must do to be successful in your new home business and invest your income to create a lifetime of wealth.
To get your name down on my special VIP attendees list, keep reading…

Dear Budding Home Entrepreneur,
You’re reading this because you want to learn how to start a home business and grow your wealth by investing your income.
You want to set your own hours, make more cash to give your family a better life, and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an independent entrepreneur. You want the freedom to spend time with your kids… get the admiration of your friends… and the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control, not your boss.
Maybe you think starting a home business is difficult… that you’ll need a lot of money, or some special qualification before you can start…
But what if I were to show you that you don’t need a degree, heaps of fancy equipment, lots of time or tens of thousands of rands tucked away?


All you really need to start making thousands of bucks a month is KNOWLEDGE…

Sign up to The Home Business Master Class with Aiden Sookdin on Saturday 27 August 2016 and discover how to REALLY make money from home…
Join me at this exclusive event and you’ll learn my three part approach to building a lifetime of wealth.
I’ll personally walk you through my favourite home business income generators.

After I show you what it takes to become a master of your own home business, I'll spend the rest of the morning showing you how to go from 'well off' to wealthy investing your “Home Business Income” to build a lifetime of wealth...
Here's a quick preview of what you can expect...

Part One: Get what it takes to become a home business tycoon 
Part Two: Kick start your home business empire with these proven home business income generators
Part Three: How to invest your “Everlasting Income” to build a lifetime of wealth

As an added bonus I’ll also show you how investing your cash in the Real Wealth portfolio can reap exceptional rewards


How to build a lifetime of wealth from your home

This wealth building formula is quite simply to follow...
Once you start a successful home business that’s raking in the cash, you need to know how to invest it for long-term success. That’s why I’ll show you what to do with your cash once it starts pouring in.
First, you need to re-invest in the property that’s helping you make the money in the first place. So, I’ll reveal – Five ways to increase the value of your property.
Second, you need to get your money into the stock market without paying exorbitant brokerage fees or taking unnecessary risks.
To help you do this, I’ll reveal my three favourite ETFs that you can invest in through a tax-free savings account. This includes:

I’ll also introduce you to the best, low-cost broker that can help you to start investing with just R100 month. I’ve been testing this broker’s platform for the last year, and it really works.
Finally, I’ll show you how you can use this broker to start investing in all the shares contained in the Real Wealth portfolio.
While the JSE All Share Index is delivering 72.13% returns, the Real Wealth portfolio is delivering 233.2% returns. This is your perfect opportunity to kick start your investment journey and start building Real Wealth.

You'll get ALL the details at my The Home Business Master Class on the 27th of August 2016.
And that's not all...
As if FOUR bullet-proof business ideas and THREE wealth accelerating ETFs are not enough, I also have a special gift ready for the first 100 people to confirm their seats...
Register now and I’ll also give you two special wealth building reports absolutely FREE:

These reports are essential reading....

Why am I doing all this for you and how much will it cost you?

If you dream of quitting your job, escaping from a boss you can’t stand or making thousands of rand in your spare time, you must attend The Home Business Master Class.
I don’t want to overwhelm you, my goal is to encourage you to get started... and to help you avoid some of the costly mistakes I’ve made. After all, the more successful entrepreneurs there are in South Africa, the more our economy will grow, and the richer we ALL will become.
That’s why I don’t want you to pay R10,000 or even R5,000 for this event. That’s the price you pay to jump up and down in a crowd of 10,000 entrepreneurs that will never meet the overinflated speaker.
I’m going to charge you a fraction of that to be a part of a small group of serious wealth builders.
This is your opportunity to bounce ideas off me. Ask questions that you’ve always needed answered and gain access to a wealth of practical and useful wealth building information.
One ticket to The Home Business Master Class will only cost you R550. That's less than you'll spend on a round of drinks.
Best of all, I’ve included a special offer too.


Take this special offer and you’ll receive TWO FREE BONUS GIFTS and a DVD to kick-start your wealth building journey...

I know that to achieve the best success at business, you need to be able to review all the tips and techniques that I‘m going to reveal at The Home Business Master Classover and over again.
That's why for only R997, you can attend the master class and I'll make sure that you get a full DVD and all the reports so that you have everything you need to start earning a lifetime of income.
Let me clear that up for you:

But I want to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied. That’s why...

I’ve included a special safety net for you

In the first session alone, you’ll discover much more than most private wealth builders learn in a decade.

Then we’ll break for about fifteen minutes after we start – And at this time, if you decide this master class isn’t for you, just tell me or one of my assistants and we’ll arrange for you to receive a full refund. 

No questions, no quibbles – if you’re not entirely happy with The Home Business Master Class, just let me know at the first break, and I’ll happily give you a full refund and wish you well.

(Obviously you won’t be able to learn the rest of my wealth building and investment secrets after that point!)

I don’t think I can say fairer than that… You can join us and spend the first hour without risking a cent, and make up your own mind.

If you don’t think we can help you, just let us know, and I’ll sort out a refund for you there and then – No problem. 

How’s that for a safety net? You have nothing to lose by booking your place, and EVERYTHING to gain!  
I believe that the secrets to Real Wealth should be available to everyone. Not only those who can afford it.
Click here now and I’ll send you everything you need to secure your seat at The Home Business Master Class.

I’m excited about this event and I look forward to seeing you there.
Let’s build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin
Contributing Editor
Real Wealth
The South African Investor

The Minimum Wage Millionaire
The Home Business Tycoon
P.S. If you’re not convinced that this event is for you, think about what these extra income streams can do for you and your family...

Click here to secure your seat now... 

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Join me at this exclusive event and you’ll learn my three part approach to building a lifetime of wealth.
I’ll personally walk you through my favourite home business income generators.

After I show you what it takes to become a master of your own home business, I'll spend the rest of the morning showing you how to go from 'well off' to wealthy investing your “Home Business Income” to build a lifetime of wealth...
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